Need muscle 92110


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Zip:92110 Need 2-3 people to help move a beast of a tank into place. Hoping to arrange for this weekend but I will take the help I can get. The tank is mostly in place. Just needs to move about 3 feet east.
I have refrigerator moving straps if you need them. Harbor freight also sells suction cups to help in that effort.

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Anybody listening bump?

I’m down to help. Just need to make sure I’m free. Lmk day/times you are thinking.

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Thanks for the responses!
Clint- I’m somewhat flexible. I just need to get it in place before next Thu. I’ll hit you up~ The entire setup (tank on stand) is on felt pads and I’ve been able to scoot it mostly in place. I am hoping to push it the last couple feet over a pond liner although I’m considering the liner optional at this point :)

You can see the shape of the 180 that started it all still on the ground. Started this project in 2019 and I procrastinated all the way to 2024! Not possible without and big thanks to Derek, Dan (RIP) and Dave; all met here on SDR. Cheers- it’s finally in place!