30 gallon frag tank to display


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I had this little tank laying around for a while and decided after breaking down my 180 I’d downsize to my 30 g. The tank is a 30 gallon Modular Marine acrylic 24x24x12 with a low profile modular marine overflow. For the sump I have a 20 gallon waterbox cube that I had from an old pea puffer freshwater tank. I took all the bio bricks that I had in my 180 sump filled with sponges and goodness and a big chunk of live rock from my display to kickstart the process. Stand was custom made by my buddy and powder coated white. To light this beast I’m using a ecotech radion xr30 pro gen 4, reef octopus varios 2 return, bubble magus curve 5 elite skimmer. I hooked up my apex for all the automation. The tank began growing coralline algae in 2 weeks. I kept a pair of black storm clowns and a monster CSB from the previous tank and introduced them to their new home.
. First time with a bare bottom tank fighting the urge to throw a bag of sand in. Threw in a bit more rock to mount some coral and a plank auto feeder. A short week of diatoms and the tank is real stable. Alk 8.25 cal 440 mag 1320 phos 0.07 and nitrates 10-20. Coralline is growing all over the tank. Got a shipment of choice coral coming in next week can’t wait to she her grow out a bit
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