Fish of the Month - Court Jester Goby


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This is more like fish of the year or decade. I put lotion on my dry cracked hands. Later in the day, I reached into my tank for something. The next day my fish were dead. I have not replaced them yet.

But, I would like to buy a court jester goby so that is the fish of the month.

The Court Jester Goby, also referred to as the Rainford's Goby, or Old Glory, was first discovered in the Western Pacific in 1940 by Whitely and gets its name from its brightly colored body. The body is green and blue with horizontal orange stripes running the entire length of the body. The Court Jester Goby is very timid and peaceful and is a great addition to the reef or fish only aquarium.

The last few times I was at AW they did not have any and said they have not seen any for a while, they said it is hard to get them now. I also asked at ASD and they said they haven't seen any for a while, that was a few months ago. I asked about one at AW about a week or two ago and they said nope no fishies.
They are captive breeding these now. I don't remember who but they will return after another successful spawning & cultivation event.