FS 2002 Subaru Forester

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Trying to help my son sell his 1st car.
2002 Subaru Forester (Burgundy)
227,000 miles (2nd motor) replaced by previous owner.
Registered until January 2024
Power windows
Tinted windows
Moon roof
Runs and drives great, my son commuted from Ramona to San Marcos University 3-4 times a week no issues.
Since owning he has spent a lil over $1800.00 dollars in repairs not made by previous owner. A few, rear view mirror, alternator, window motor, tires and brakes, new battery, serpentine belt.
My son recently put the car in the shop to pass, smog, o2 sensor issues, replaced and just passed smog.
The car runs and drives great, has scratches here and there, it's a 2002. Over great 1st time buyer car, around town commuter, 2nd car. For more details, reach out to me and I'll play parrot w/ my son to get you any additional info.
Asking $4800, price may be negotiable, but ultimately up to my son, he said obo but that doesn't mean 500$. He bought it a few years back for $5600 which is the top end on kbb. Title in hand.
Reason selling, he bought a brand new car.
I'll post a few pic up in a bit, gotta jump on tapatalk
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