Ty's Tanks - Feedback

I have had several transactions with Ty that include both dry goods and livestock and all have been fantastic. My first purchase from him was a 16g aio that got me back in the hobby, and he threw in some equipment freebies to make my comeback happen quicker. I have since purchased several frags, all of which are healthy and pest free and at a great price. Another positive is he is close proximity to me and North County reefers.
Thank you everyone for the positive feedback! Really thankful to be a part of this group and to have met you all.
Space Invader Pectina

I have recently bought a space invader pectina from Ty and it is a beautiful piece. I feel as if I got a great deal. The coral health is great, it is a nice size piece and he is extremely friendly. I would buy from him again and plan on doing so in the future.
Just posted my own thread, but absolutely great experiences with him, and this most recent thing was above and beyond. Cheers man!
Excellent to work with!!

I purchased some equipment. Once I got home & tried to set things up, I had some questions and I was able to get immediate assistance. Super nice guy with an impeccable system. Total safe zone for working with a local reefer. I will be doing business with him again.
I just have to give a shout-out to Ty! Ty is more than someone who just sells corals, he is a great supporter of our local Reef community! He went above the call of duty and gave me some containers and whatever I needed to get my first tank set up! That was cool! I got to see Ty's collection of corals and all I can say is that they are premium! I will be buying my first corals from Ty!